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High-end manufacturing service provider for fast SMT small and medium batch production, industrial control industry, smart home, communication medical PCBA
Why choose us?
Global one-stop fast PCBA service provider for small , medium and high-mix volume.
HTY is a technology company focusing on one-stop fast PCBA production of multi-variety and small-medium-batch, SMT intelligent production software development, and SMT intelligent peripheral equipment of research and development. HTY takes the core business philosophy of speed, quality, technology and service. We independently develops MES+ERP+IOT which realizes intelligent production management. We are dedicated to provide customers with PCBA one-stop services in the fields of solution research and development, industrial control, smart home, instrumentation, car Internet of things, communication power supply, medical equipment, automotive electronics, etc.
Cost-effective fast delivery quality assurance superb craftsmanship

Our Advantages

We have first-class manufacturing technology, perfect quality assurance system, quick response and caring service to provide customers with complete high-end manufacturing process solutions.
  • 8Fully automatic SMT production line
  • 1Solder Wave lines
  • 1Post-soldering assembly production line
  • 160 Daily mounting capacity of one production line: 1.6 million points
  • 5000 onthly total mounting capacity : 50 million points

Quality Control Process

Fully automatic SMT production line, 9 steps of testing procedures, the ultimate experience of quality to exceed customer satisfaction.
IQC incoming inspectionSPI solder paste inspectionOnline AOI inspectionSMI first piece inspection IPQC inspectionOffline AOI inspectionX-RAY-welding inspectionQC manual inspectionQA shipment inspection

Our Slogan

HTY makes products with motivated heart and treat every beginning as a new challenge.

HTY is making electronic innovation easier!

We poffer one-stop service, which is the best choice for global electronic engineers.
Customer Time Order Number Type Quantity Delivery Date Amount
  • [上海]李* 12-24h2***8 贴片 250pcs 恒天翊24小时快捷打样 ¥1285.00
  • [上海]李* 01-15h2***4 贴片 500pcs 48小时pcba打样 ¥2865.00
  • [重庆]蔡* 12-24h2***2 贴片 100pcs 恒天翊24小时快捷打样 ¥1360.00
  • [福建]刘* 01-16h2***3 贴片 5pcs 恒天翊24小时快捷打样 ¥470.00
  • [江苏]习* 12-24h3***3 贴片 10pcs 恒天翊24小时快捷打样 ¥500.00
  • [深圳]王* 12-24h6***3 贴片 20pcs 恒天翊24小时快捷打样 ¥733.00
  • [北京]邓* 01-15w1***3 贴片 200pcs 恒天翊48小时快捷打样 ¥1200.00
  • [广州]李* 01-15j8***3 贴片 800pcs 恒天翊48小时快捷打样 ¥4321.12


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More than 120,000 users have chosen our service & thank customers for their trust and support.
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HTY firmly believes that quality is the soul of products, and strictly abides by every standard, every process of production, and every detail of service!